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Empire Medical Review Services, Inc. started with the idea of filing insurance claims in a way that other software packages were unable to do. The premise was to save the user valuable time and money. Highly effective and cost efficient, ElectroniClaim® electronic medical claims processing software packages have all been based on the ability to file claims without the use of a clearing house. NO PER-CLAIM CHARGES!

The developers, authors and publishers at Empire Medical Review Services, Inc., created the first ElectroniClaim® practice management software as a state of the art, medical claims processing solution for healthcare professionals. It had the ability to file electronic claims directly with payers as early as 1992. It has always been our belief that the billing functions in American medicine should be as advanced as the diagnostic and treatment processes they represent. The adoption and use of established industry standards helps to reduce errors and overhead which eat into the increasingly limited resources available for the delivery of actual health care. Reducing costs through accurate state of the art communication has always been our vision.

We are now known mostly by our trade style as ElectroniClaim®. We have developed software packages from billing and practice management to claim file translators to claims receiving and now full blown clearinghouse packages. With the advent of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, HIPAA, we have been active in helping providers understand and comply with the complex requirements of the Administrative Simplification portion of the act.

Our newest software product, ClearingMagic, is designed to facilitate direct communications between provider organizations and payers. It includes features and functionality that have been out of reach of all but the largest organizations. Now these functions are available in software that can function in a solo practitioners office or scale up to a large enterprise. If you want to participate in the promise of the cost saving from Administrative Simplification give us a call. You will be glad you did.

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