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National Government Services, NGS, is the Medicare Carrier for jurisdiction 13 part A and part B providers in Connecticut and New York. NGS is also the Medicare Carrier for Title XVIII for part A for Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin. NGS is also the Medicare Carrier for Title XVIII for part B for Indiana and Kentucky, Home Health Hospice for all locations, the FQHC carrier for all locations and DME for Jurisdiction B.
NGS has eliminated the use of dial up telephone lines for connectivity to its Electronic Data Interchange, EDI, applications. It selected a number of vendors to become Network Service Vendors, NSV. These Network Service Vendors resell software that is distributed through Ivans and McKesson. The connectivity software that is being sold was originally written by IBM and now belongs to ATT. It has been used by Medicare Carriers for many years. We were not given the opportunity to participate in becoming an NSV and have been told that the addition of NSVs is closed. We have a solution anyway! We have used this software in various versions since 1996.
Anyone can purchase a license for this dialer software from Ivans or McKesson. Once you have that license, you are free to use whatever software you want to move the files back and forth.
Electroniclaim has created an automated solution for connectivity to NGS as well as any other Medicare Carriers, including the nationwide Medicare Eligibility solution known as HETS.
If you wish to get a fully automated solution for transmission of the HIPAA Mandated ANSI formatted files to your Medicare Carrier or for Eligibility inquiries, Electroniclaim has it! The Electroniclaim software will watch a folder on a Windows computer for the existence of a new file. Once it sees a new file it will use the Ivans software to send the file to the carrier automatically. It will look for responses on a time interval basis that is configured by the user. No programming! Just install and use the software. Electroniclaim will help you get it all installed and up and running.

If you want the automated solution at reasonable prices, give us a call at 262-240-9700.
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